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Tribute To Trent

Credits & Thanks

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Credits & Thanks
First of all, thank you to Jeffrey Parazzo for making Trent a fansite- worthy character!
'Tribute To Trent' is hosted by Tripod.
Trent Fernandez, the Power Rangers Dino Thunder characters and logos, and all such related material is owned by Buena Vista.
Any of the writing that appears on this site was done by me, unless otherwise noted.
I do not take credit for any photographs or screen captures that appear on this site, therefore, any images can be used on other sites.
Any cartoon versions of the PRDT characters were created at, unless otherwise noted.
'Tribute To Trent' is not affiliated with any of the sites that appear on the links page. 
If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry, and please e-mail me so I can give you the proper credit:
Disclaimer:  I am not, nor do I know, Jeffrey Parazzo. 
 I'm just a fan with way too much time on my hands. 
 "Tribute To Trent" was created on August 22, 2004 and is maintained by trentschick.