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Tribute To Trent

News & Updates

News & Updates
Credits & Thanks
9/15/04- Forever Trent has been created! Visit the links section to join up!
9/4/04- added a cute Trent/Kira pic to the Images main page.
8/30/04- Three new banners, one new wallpaper, two new links.... I've also made other minor changes around the site.
8/28/04- Three new banners and more on the way!
8/26/04- Trent's artwork has been updated.
8/25/04- Lots more pics have been added to the Trent and Trent/Kira sections, and now there's a section for Trent's artwork.  I changed the main pic.  I may do this a lot until I decide on just one, which is really hard. =)
8/24/04- Now a proud member of Things We'll Never Say: The Trent/Kira Fanlisting!
8/23/04- Trent's Bio added, 1 link added, some cosmetic changes.
8/22/04- "Tribute To Trent" is up and running!
Disclaimer:  I am not, nor do I know, Jeffrey Parazzo. 
I'm just a fan with way too much time on my hands. 
"Tribute To Trent" was created on August 22, 2004 and is maintained by trentschick.